pinstripe dirty grime of daylight lies
watching me sleep, nighttime’s like an ocean deep like the ocean
(dark waters)
its getting hard to see where you’ve gone.
how long have i been waiting?
“far too long,” says my heart tacked up on the wall
so stand up and say a toast to my bones
to my bones and my skin and my porcelain bones

drink through the night cause we already know
tomorrow will end anyways

i survive off of cheap red wine the voices try but they cannot find me

i dive head first
into the parapets
made by your ribs they expand when you breath -
to you this comes easy but not so for me.

i’m so sad
i have nothing to show for my broken bones
it may not be over,
but i’m coming home.

pencil lines draw a path to my window
where telephone poles crush the leaves of the oak
and i tried to purge you forget what i loved
but i never thought that this would be so hard.
i trusted you that you would never leave
but believe me i know now that trust comes too easy;
this self-proclaimed ocean you said would be shallow
but waters up over my head and i’m drowning.
each night i dream of driving of driving
the road so appealing to my stagnant being
but puddles meet puddles, and turn into sea
(this sea i know is far too deep)

my skeletal heart is shattered
you’ve got my blood on your hands dripping down to your toes
so stand up and say a toast to my bones,
my quivering bones now withered and old.


from Circadian Tremors, released February 24, 2013



all rights reserved


The Act of Estimating as Worthless Croton On Hudson, New York

The Act of Estimating as Worthless was born on the Hudson River in the summer of 2009.

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